About Us

Welcome to Ada ! 

The name Ada – meaning firstborn – is a testament to my child, my motivation behind all of this. 

How did Ada come to be? 

I was looking for a swing for my child that was fun, soft, safe and would allow me to keep her entertained without overstimulating her. I also wanted my purchase to have a social impact. However, there was nothing out there so; I made it.  

Personally, it’s important that I learn from her as much as she does from me – childhood should be about joy, freedom, discovery and development.
I wanted to make patterns and toys that allow my child to make up her own stories and explain how she sees the world. Where I just see fruit, she sees a lemon, like on the lemon tree next door, where a cat was sleeping last week, and so the story starts. Listening to what the little ones observe during the day – the conclusions they make can be fascinating and hilarious. 

What’s the purpose? 

Every quarter we find an organisation that works with children and support them by donating a portion of all sales towards a necessity they have.  

Why is this important?

I spent many years volunteering and working with children around the globe, and I think giving back is essential. Becoming a mother and offering my child a safe childhood has only heightened this feeling. There are so many amazing people out there who sacrifice all the time they can to help less fortunate children – I don’t have the time anymore, but I have this platform, this hope and opportunity. I hope that you learn about different organisations and decide to support them in your own way too. We will be showing how your funds were used, and if you know of any organisations you think could use some help, please let us know!