1. Which charity am I supporting with my purchase?

We support a different charity every quarter. Our primary focus are charities that work with children and might need a little more exposure for the great work they do! We hope that you learn about an organisation you would like to support in your own time and way- this way allowing more children, who have not had the easiest roads, to be children.  

2. Can the swing be attached to a tree branch?  

Yes, it can as long as the branch can hold enough weight! Please do not leave the swing outside, though, to avoid weathering – it is cotton and not intended to be exposed to rain or constant sunlight. 

3. What do I get when I buy the swing? 

All out swings come as see in the picture with a sensory toy and karabiner hooks. 
Should you decide to buy the swing with the stand, the ropes are slightly shorter. You can unhook the swing at any time and use it in as many locations as you please. 

4. How much weight will this swing support? 

We would recommend a maximum of 20kg-  to be extra safe; our ropes hold more than 100kg 🙂 

5. How do I wash the changing mat?

The cover is entirely removable, and there is a waterproof layer underneath the inner because accidents happen 🙂 
Exact wash instructions are found on the cover.